Six Figure Emantipation Formula

Sis, does your self-worth keep you slavin’ to make OTHERS rich—instead of yourself?

This video is old… Before I became a Black Woman (multiple) Millionaire. I left it up so you can see the growth and where I started. I made $400k in 14 months with the tools included in this program. You can do the same. I promise. Get Started Now

Discover Exactly How to Create, Grow and Leverage Your Worth into a 6- or 7-Figure Business That Makes Your Mark, Makes a Difference, AND Takes You on the Fast Track to MILLIONS — ALL on Your Own Terms!

From the desk of Dr. Venus Opal Reese

Dear Soon To Be Six-Figures-‘On-Your-Own-Terms’-Sister:

You are a successful, strong, and savvy entrepreneurial-minded sister. (Right?!) But real talk: the emotional pain of being a Black Woman has kept you shackled in behaviors that make you self-sacrifice - or give WAY too much - for way too long. And although you would NEVER say it out loud, you sometimes believe - and behave like - you have to “take what you can get” in order to be liked, respected, loved … to feel like you belong. You may even be secretly afraid that if you step into your magnificence - in life and in business -you will actually lose people's approval, acceptance, and love. (I know – that may hurt to read.) As a Black Woman whose self-worth was once in the toilet, trust me when I say I feel you. If you are...
  • A sister with a solid education and a ‘good’ job that brings in six figures or more, but you still feel like a slave (no freedom - no self-expression) … always acquiescing to hold onto what is really slowly killing you
  • An entrepreneur with a day job and a “side” hustle business, but you don’t know how to monetize it, so you dip into your savings to fund it, and ooh, those savings are getting low
  • An experienced entrepreneur who is pouring money into mentorships, programs, and/or marketing, but not making the money back to justify the investments … if you’re not sure what you’re doing “wrong,” or why you can’t seem to make yourself stand out from your competition
  • An unfilled executive who wants to leave the ‘golden-ghetto’ of corporate America, but you don’t know how to replace your income or monetize your expertise
  • A strong Black Woman who has walked through life’s fire, but the residue of the negativity keeps you trapped and dependent on others (i.e., a job, alimony, child-support, your husband, etc.) and you want your own money
I’m SO glad you’re here today, reading this right now. Here is the truth, my precious sister: Your addiction to security, approval (in the form of self-doubt), and ‘looking successful’ have kept you STUCK. You’re staying safe, and living way too small. That’s not a slam. It’s truth - and it’s not your fault.

George Fraser"Dr. Venus is a master trainer who actually delivers… Her incredible insight, wisdom, and brilliance make her one of the best and brightest in Black America today."

“I am picky. It normally takes a speaker up to 3-5 years to get on the PowerNetworking stage. Dr. Venus did it in three months. This sister knows what she is talking about and she consistently produces incredible results. She is serious about empowering our people economically, not simply motivationally. Dr. Venus is a master trainer who actually delivers—which is why I invited her back to my stage and made her part of my faculty.” George C. Fraser, CEO, FraserNet, Inc
As Black Women, we’ve inherited a history of hurts that are not our own. Sometimes it comes from our mothers. Sometimes from our men, children, friends. We come from a history of oppression, and we have been wired to survive. But here’s the good news: It’s a new day. And it’s time to STOP being other people’s scapegoat, workhorse, or cash cow!

It’s Time to Set Yourself Free to Bask in the Blissful Goodness of Life, and the Richness You Deserve.

You CAN fulfill your destiny AND be handsomely rewarded for it. You can live free from guilt, fear, and shame … and from the pain of the past. You can …
  • Replace your day j-o-b with a business that makes you money while you “live the good life” - that’s right! No more disrespect and less stress, as you quit collecting a corporate welfare check!
  • Stop pouring YOUR OWN MONEY into a floundering business, and start investing in one that makes you your paper, girl!
  • Quit throwing money at mentorships and marketing programs that don’t work for you – so you can implement a PROVEN system – that was designed specifically for you – that will.
  • Turn your life story (what I call your “mess”) into a money-making message that breaks generational curses and sets YOU financially FREE – for this generation and beyond!
I'll show you how.
Lisa Sasevich

"Dr. Venus…has taken the pain of her past and turned it into HUGE profits!"

"I consider Dr. Venus the ‘Queen of Self-Esteem’… I've had the privilege of watching her produce unprecedented results over and over again. This woman knows how to make it happen in a big and impressive way!" Lisa Sasevich, “The Queen of Sales Conversion,”
Look, I know what it feels like to struggle. I know what it feels like to be a slave. To be forced to acquiesce to other people’s agendas. Dr. Venus Opal ReesseSee, my momma put me out. By the tender age of 16, I was living on the mean streets of Baltimore amidst drugs, pimps, and violence too graphic to share here. I come from a history of pain passed down generationally that I wore on my body like clothes. The predictable outcome was welfare, addiction, ho-in’ and death—in that order. My survival was dependent on people-pleasing, self-sacrifice, and figuring out how to make myself essential - needed - so I wouldn’t be so disposable. One bitterly cold evening, I remember sitting on my corner, Monument and Federal St, steeped in urine and beer and praying, “God, please help me.” The answer to that prayer came in the form of my 9th grade math teacher, I call her Nanna. She saved my life. “Nanna” rescued me from eating out of trashcans, sleeping in rat-infested alleys, and from the violence around me. She saw me as somebody with worth, with value that I didn’t have to earn, or prove, or pay for with my body. She taught me that I mattered. I realized that if I could just see myself the way Nanna saw me, then maybe I could do something with my life. 14 years later, I graduated from Stanford University with four degrees, including a second Master’s degree and a Ph.D. But I still saw myself as a piece of shit. So I stayed small. I got a “good” job as a professor. And even though I knew my life was “bigger” than the classroom, I didn’t trust myself to make my own money. I kept thinking if I showed “them” how good I was at my work, they would pay me my worth. And all it got me was pissed on by white privilege, when my faculty voted against me for tenure. That’s when I took on my money. I invested in a business mentor. I turned the survival strategies from the history of hurt I had inherited and experienced into a money-making system that generated over three million dollars for my clients, while fast-tracking my own company straight to my first million in less than three short years. I’m telling you, it IS possible to pimp (my background is street, remember?) the pain from the past for profit, instead of having it continue to pimp you out and make you its slave. I am living proof. And if I could do it, so can YOU.
Shana Bursi

"My work with Dr. Venus saved my life."

"I know it seems stark and dramatic, but it's true. I couldn’t stop the drumbeat of … "I messed up again," "I'm not important," "I don't matter," "I'm not good enough,” or "if only I would.” I kept telling myself, “If only I could—then I would be happy.” Somewhere along the line Dr. Venus taught me that the truth mattered, that what I wanted mattered, that I mattered. It's a lesson that I will not unlearn." Shana Bursi, COO, Essentia Financial Services
Imagine being FREE:
  • FREE to live the lifestyle you have always dreamed
  • FREE to cherry-pick the people you work with
  • FREE to say “no” to people, including family, without guilt or shame
  • FREE to spend quality time with the people you love
  • FREE to date and attract ‘the one,’ instead of working ALL the time
  • FREE to serve, give, and help as a self-expression instead of out of obligation or duty
  • FREE to stand for what you believe and show out with unapologetic swag (let ‘em hate)
  • FREE to walk away from that ‘good’ job, that side hustle, or that partner (yes, I went there), that makes you feel like crap – with complete confidence and certainty that you will NEVER have to come crawling back …
  • FREE to never worry about money again
All because you know your worth - AND exactly how to monetize it. I call that EMANCIPATION. Introducing the REVOLUTIONARY … Six Figure Emantipation Formula

The Defy Impossible 6-Figure Emancipation Formula FREE Your Self to Monetize Your “Mess” To 6 Figures (Or Even 7!)—On Your OWN Terms!

This Is My PROVEN System That, When Paired with Your High-Achiever Tendencies (Trust Me, I have Them too), Will Help You Generate REAL Money on a Dime, for the Rest of Your Life, So You NEVER Have to Feel Trapped, Helpless, or Forced to Kiss Ass Again!

This is the ONLY training created exclusively for Black Women (by a black woman millionaire) to level the field in online marketing and training. This program has the potential to catapult you straight to the top of your industry. Sound too good to be true? I’m telling you, it’s not. Sis, you’re one heart-truth action away from making history, and changing it. This program takes into account the historical wounds that still impact you today, teaching you how to turn those liabilities into assets, while you make a difference AND a shit-load of money. You’ll discover how the White Internet Marketers make big bucks, so you can do the same. In this program, you are embraced for your Blackness. You’re never invisible. You don’t have to assimilate. You are first—never the “outsider” positioned as a pet or threat. Most importantly, you will learn a proven system that works, and that is completely and totally rooted in your experience.

You’ll Learn How to Identify, Monetize, Leverage, and LIVE Your Worth, Not Just in the Marketplace, but in ALL Areas of your Life.

You don’t know it, but you are about to break generational curses, baby! You are about to set an entire culture free. The Defy Impossible, ‘Six-Figure Emancipation Formula’ focuses on three main areas:
  1. Shifting the mindset behind the money
  2. Transforming your mess into your moneymaking message
  3. Utilizing strategic marketing to reach millions that has the potential of making millions

Specifically, here’s what we cover, when you join me for 6-Figure Emancipation:

Module 1. Healing the Hurt of History:

Setting Yourself Free to Make Room for STAGGERING Wealth.

  • As Black Women, we are directly linked to the cultural consciousness of our Ancestors, and connected to the historical wound of Slavery. During this opening session, we go back to the wound—and begin healing it at the community level, as you take your power back. (This is profound and VERY powerful!)
  • Learn how to stop being a victim to the past we were born into.
  • Become the author of your life – setting the stage for wealth.

Module 2. Internal Inspiration:

Craft a ‘Created Self” to Give Yourself Permission to Prosper.

  • Discover what your relationship with yourself has cost you (because this relationship is what determines your destiny) and learn and how to turn the tide!
  • Learn the alchemy of how to turn your liabilities into assets! (Enough said!)
  • Get on your own side, and make room in your heart to receive ALL the goodness that is your historical and divine birthright. (Look sis, it’s time to let go of the false teaching that Black Women are the problem and it’s “all our fault.” No more!)!

Module 3. Your Million $$ Moneymaker/Game-Changing Genius:

FINALLY Identify the Intrinsic Value and Inherent Worth You NATURALLY Bring to Life.

  • Find out why you have been stuck, saying safe, and living a small life … and begin healing the cause of it. Dive into where life broke your heart (it may be the last place you want to look, but you need to, if you want to heal and move forward. Can we say “free at last!!!”?!)
  • Discover what makes YOU special – and no, it’s not your skills, talents or gifts! (This right here will help you rise above the competition in the market place.)
  • Just like Gandhi, Dr. King, and Oprah, YOU have a game-changing genius, a million-dollar moneymaker that was forged in life’s fire to change the course of history! Here is where you FINALLY identify it!
Curlie McCalla

“Working with Dr. Venus catapulted my confidence and gave me a new perspective of myself. I…created a new position for myself within the company... This move increased my income by 30%, a signing bonus and a company car…”

"I work for a manufacturing company as an accountant for over 20 years. I got to a place where I felt stuck and unfulfilled… I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Venus speak about your net worth being directly tied to your self- worth … Working with Dr. Venus catapulted my confidence and gave me a new perspective of myself— thank you Dr. Venus for making this possible. I couldn’t have done it without your genius.” Curlie McCalla, Business Development Manager, Allanson International Inc. in Ontario, Canada

Module 4. “Dollarize” & Monetize Your Worth:

Get 100% of the Right People Clamoring After You, Money in Fist, Ready to Buy, Yelling “Worth Every Penny!”

  • Learn how to put a dollar amount on the inherent value and intrinsic worth you NATURALLY bring to life itself! (This is where the rubber meets the road!)
  • Do the math: calculate the benefit and costs in numbers, statistics, and facts in regard to your moneymaker, so your clients feel the pain of NOT paying you what you are worth OR the pleasure when they do! #hollaandpreach
  • STOP trying to sell yourself as a commodity! Learn how to price your worth so that you can stand for your rate and you can clearly articulate the value of your offer. (When you do, 100% of the right people will GLADLY pay you top dollar!)

Module 5. Discover YOUR ‘Big Money’ Message & Who Will Buy It:

Add an Extra ‘0’ to Your Paychecks.

  • This is where the magic happens! Identify your “mess,” your “movement,” and your “message.” This formula will have your tribe (the people for whom you are the answer to their prayers) seeking YOU out!
  • Learn how the “mess” turns into fulfillment, meaning, and money! (Get ready to say “Ka Ching” baby!)
  • Discover the difference between an “ideal client” (fantasy) and a “D.R.E.A.M client – the person for whom you are the answer to their prayers, so you never have to “chase” or “beg” for a client again!

Module 6. Identifying Your Buyer’s Market:

Discover Those Who Can’t WAIT to Buy from You – This Might Surprise You.

Module 6 of the Six Figure Emancipation Forumla
  • Instead of going to people you want to “save” or help, identify those who are ALREADY looking for you! (It’s SO much easier this way!)
  • Learn the KEY to becoming HIGHLY sought after and in HIGH demand!
  • Get my secrets to making my first million, so you can get on a PROVEN path to doing the same!
Seraphina Uludong

"Thank you, Dr. Venus, for making our business stronger and 50% more profitable!"

“Working with Dr. Venus Opal Reese raised our consulting business to the next level. We knew we were undervaluing our work but didn't know how to ask for more. Dr. Venus helped us separate self-esteem from self-worth and made us recognize and explode the emotional barriers holding us back. Billing became a customer service, not a search for validation. We stopped worrying if we could earn the rate we deserved and focused on finding work that deserved our time. We told our clients we were raising our rates 50% and asked them what work was most important. Turns out, all of it was." Seraphina Uludong, Cabral Consulting, Oakland, CA

Module 7. Pimpin' Pain: Your Story:

Turn Your Mess into Your Message – THIS Is the Key to the Cash.

Module 7 of the Six Figure Emancipation Forumla
  • Your story is the key to profits – anybody can have skills, but only YOU have your story. Here, we pull it out of you, and turn it into teaching principles.
  • Learn how to connect deeply with your people – the ones for whom YOU are the answer to their prayers.
  • Embrace your pain as preparation for your 7-figure future.
  • And more!

Module 8. How to Get the Shot and Get Paid:

Discover Your Angels, Advocates, and Ambassadors.

Module 8 of the Six Figure Emancipation Forumla
  • Overcome the biggest block to sisters making money.
  • Discover your Angels, Advocates, and Ambassadors – you need all three - who help build your dream (even better, how to get them to find you!). #ilovethispart
  • Learn how to get in front of people who will PAY you – consistently and with ease.
  • And more!
marin-heiskell"I just created a partnership with a top designer who dresses Kanye West and other celebs with a $50k signing bonus and double what I was making at IBM—just six months after being laid off!" After years of sacrificing my dreams and illusions of work-life balance for one of the largest companies in the world, they dismissed me via "resource action." Over the phone, while I was en route to a funeral, Dr V. gave me the confidence and guidance to pursue my dream full-time. If it weren't for Dr V.'s encouragement and coaching, I'd be writing this from a new cubicle at a new "real" job. Instead I am living out my dreams in a way I never even imagined. Thank you so much to Dr. V. for your love, inspiration, and sisterhood!” Marin Heiskell, Lead Stylist and Chief Operating Officer, Haj Designs

In Short, My 6-Figure Emancipation Formula Will Give You Everything You Need to Set Yourself FREE to Make Room for STAGGERING Wealth, as You Give Yourself the Internal Permission to Prosper!

Here’s how we are going to accomplish this, together. When you enroll, you receive:
  • 6 weeks of LIVE training calls, as a tele-conference, teaching you this proven formula for making your mark, making a difference, and making REAL CASH MONEY, on your own terms. ($1,997 value)
  • Recordings of each content session so you can listen and learn at your leisure! ($497 value)
  • Transcripts of all the calls so you can retain all this AMAZING content! ($297 value)
  • “Get Free” Assignments—so you can tend to healing personal, societal, and historical wounds that are sabotaging your wealth! ($797 value)
  • Simple, step-by-step templates complete with examples, tools, and action items to help you execute what you learn effectively and quickly. (I don’t want you to waste another single moment being stuck!) ($997 value)
  • A PRIVATE 24/7 member’s area, which contains all your training materials. ($497 value)
  • Access to our private Facebook Community, where you can network with like-hearted sisters (including myself), build community, and get extra support as you grow into your greatness. (Priceless)

And just to make this decision EVEN EASIER on you, when you register to join me, you’ll also get these AMAZING, PROVEN, and EFFECTIVE bonuses:

Virtual SalonBonus #1: Black Women Millionaires Virtual Salon ($497 value) I want you inspired. It’s hard to keep going when you think you’re the only own growing. These interviews from amazing Black Women Millionaires, pull back the curtain so you can see that the struggle is real. They share the “inner secrets” of how they had to heal their hearts to prosper. Listen to these recordings when you want an infusion of inspiration to come out swinging.  
Liz MurphyBonus #2: Self-Worth and Forgiveness Audio with New York Times Best-Selling Author Liz Murray & Dr. Venus Opal Reese (priceless) Forgiving your parents is essential to your emotional and financial freedom. It doesn’t get any more powerful than this.  
Street SmartsBonus #3: Street Smarts Audio Program and Worksheets ($497 value) Street Smarts is how I got off the streets and into an empowered life. These 4 powerful audios and 4 step-by-step guides teach you how to start creating your response instead of reacting to life’s challenges.This is possibly my best work.  
New Money NowBonus #4: ONE V.I.P. ticket to a New Money Now Blueprint 3-Day Workshop! ($3500 value) Over the course of 3 days I will walk you through my step-by-step process for bringing in cash money today, from where you are RIGHT NOW.  

"Since working with Dr. V…I’ve closed a $1.7 million dollar investment deal and finished 3 triathlons."

"Since working with Dr. V. as an executive coach and business consultant, I have transformed the outcomes. I am creating and fashioning a life I love. This new life is characterized by effectiveness with myself and my experience of my life as well as having much more influence with circumstances and people." Tommy Glenn, CEO, Essentia Financial, Dallas, TX
Harlan Gaston

"Dr. Venus helps you unleash the money-making strategies you didn’t even know you had within you!"

"Dr. Venus has helped me overcome a multitude of obstacles, especially those I constructed for myself. Bottom line Kobe plus Zen Master equaled 5 NBA Championship Rings. If you are playing a big game in life who is your coach? If it aint Dr. Venus, your game aint big enough. If you want an introduction to this rainmaker, let me know. She helps you unleash the money-making strategies you didn’t even know you had within you!" Harlan Gaston, CEO, Seedplay, San Francisco, CA
Right now, you may be saying to yourself, “Wow – this all sounds GREAT, Dr. V! So … how much is it going to cost me?” Ok – let’s talk price tag! But first things first: you are not a problem or a liability — YOU are not a cost. I want to change your mindset around that Right.Now. Repeat after me: I am NOT a liability. And sis, THIS is not a cost!

To TRULY set yourself free, you have to INVEST in yourself.

When you do, you say powerfully, “I am worth it!” And girl, that’s what I want to hear from you!! The investment to join me for Six-Figure Emancipation Formula is just $997.


Just to give you some perspective, to work with me privately begins at $10K. That being said, I am committed to making this revolutionary training super-duper accessible. That’s less than attending the Essence Music Festival! Plus, getting glam to go! Including a good sew-in or weave, sister-locks, or a nice Coach bag. Shoes, you wardrobe for 3-5 days at the Festival! And if you don’t attend the Festival, just count how much money you invest in your hair, nails and Starbucks in a year. You can’t tell me you can’t afford this—if you want it, you will find a way or make one. Like you always have, sis. I believe in you. I know this is your time—if it wasn’t, you would not be reading this. I know you can do this. You are a strong Black Woman who has walked through life’s fire and survived! Now it’s time to soar – and I want to make it as easy as possible on you. That’s why I’m taking all the risk off of you. And to make this a no-brainer for you, I've taken it a step further.

With My "We Are in this Together" Guarantee

To make this all crazy simple, I'm going to take all the risk off of you. You heard me. ALL THE RISK, by offering you a 100% money-back guarantee. Here is our deal (remember ... I'm offering you nothing short of your financial independence for life!): You can expect me to show up 100% with experience you won't find anywhere else. But you must show up and play 100% as well! If you fully participate in all the processes and take the actions each process suggests, and you still cannot create new—big or small—results (and you send me the completed course assignments, stating the new action taken, and the result produced), I will give you all your money back. For real! I am THAT confident in you and the power of this program. You are a winner.

Maybe you’re thinking: "But Dr. Venus, what if ..."

No Time
  • I don’t have the time? I’m SO busy.That’s why we deliver the training right to your inbox, boo! Download it onto your smart phone, and listen to it on the treadmill or while you work out! Or, you can read the transcripts at your leisure. No worries!
  • I already have a business?Great! Imagine taking a quantum leap in it, when you learn how to show up authentically for it. When you are crystal clear about your worth, your message and where to find your tribe, your profits—and peace of mind—skyrocket.
  • I don’t own a business?You don’t need one. You can begin building a business rooted in your worth with the materials covered in this training. If you hustle, trust me, you are an entrepreneurial-minded sister. You’re probably already leaving money on the table with your gifts. This program can help you monetize them.
  • I work in a company? Will this still work for me?Sweet. You don’t have to quit your job. How about leveraging and communicating your worth so you are positioned powerfully (like my client Curly did and get a 30% raise and a company car!). Maybe you want to align your worth with your boss’ vision and value. You can use the tools from this training to get a raise, or create freedom in your work. It’s ok to bloom where you are planted.
  • Scared to InvestI’m scared to invest in myself?I understand; so was I. But I was more afraid of living at the mercy of others than betting on me. Look sis, you have already tried it the survival way. Why not take a chance on you? The worse that can happen is you will learn some new stuff. The best thing that will happen is you start to value you the way you want others to value you, and you learn how to monetize that value. You are only scared because you have not been rewarded for betting on yourself.
  • It doesn’t work for me? I feel you. The formula is proven and it is simple. But know this: I am a tenured professor. That means I am a professional teacher. If you show up and do the work, you will excel. I will be holding your hand and walking, shoulder to shoulder, with you through this process. And you’ll have a tribe of like-hearted sisters who will support you too! Please know this: you are not alone. We are here for you. You do the work, ask questions, and implement what you learn. That’s it. Pretty simple, right?

Okay, well then what if...

  • What if I can’t do the work?Perhaps the better question is not ‘if you can do the work’, but rather, ‘won’t’ do the work?’ If you won’t do the work, it’s best to NOT invest in this training at this time. Some people are not ready for this level of power and effectiveness. This training is not for folk who are looking for ‘ra- ra’ motivation or fairy-dust. This is for sisters who are hungry to have their life matter. For sisters who want to stop slavin’ for others, and make their OWN paper. For the ones who want to live free, without limits.This is for sisters who are ready to create a lifestyle they love instead of simply collecting a check.This training requires you be up to making your mark, making REAL money, and making a difference in the world. That takes a willingness to roll up your sleeves, break a sweat, and do the damn thing! If you are looking for a quick fix or a magic pill, this is not for you.But if you are looking for a proven system that will teach you how to identify, monetize and leverage your worth so you can make as much money as you want—for the rest of your life—in an environment where you are honored, welcome. AND KNOW THIS: You have done more with less. This is child’s play, considering what you have been through—and triumphed! It’s your season to thrive. You are not alone anymore. We got you.
  • Cash Flow WoesI can’t afford this? This is a lot of money… and I have cash-flow woes.I understand cash flow, sis, I do. But if you don’t start investing INTO you, you’ll only be pouring your cash out the door. I made the price point this low so it’s a no-brainer – so I can meet as many of my sisters as possible exactly where they’re at. I want to see you succeed! Plus, I have an easy 3-pay option! This way you can spread the payments out over time. Make sense?
  • I have the passion and the drive, but don’t even know what I could do that people would buy? Is this still right for me?Deep breath sis! We cover this in the program too. Trust me, you’re sitting on a gold mine. You just need to learn to identify your moneymaker, leverage your worth in the marketplace, and watch the bucks start rolling in! No worries. I got that part covered for you.
  • Who Will PayI can’t stop thinking … who’s going to pay ME top dollar?Do you know there are 1 billion people who visit Google daily searching for solutions? In truth, I don’t know who ‘your people’ are, but I do know they are out there looking for you. There is a group of people, a tribe if you will, who are praying for what only you can bring the way you bring it and will pay top dollar for that through you. When you shift form self-esteem money to self-worth money and let your life shine bright in the marketplace, they will find YOU!
  So now are you ready? Ready to step INTO your own magnificence, emancipate yourself from money stress forever, and change the future for your family and all Black Women?  

Yes, Dr. Venus! I’m ready. I understand that for my investment of $997, I receive:

  • Training call recordings and transcripts
  • Proven templates complete with examples, tools, and action items
  • A private 24/7 member’s area with all training materials
  • Access to the Six-Figure Sisterhood private Facebook group
And these awesome bonuses: Bonus #1: Black Women Millionaires Virtual Salon ($497 value) Bonus #2: Self-Worth and Forgiveness Audio with New York Times Best-Selling Author Liz Murray & Dr. Venus Opal Reese (priceless) Bonus #3: Street Smarts for CEOs Success System Digital Home Study Set (workbook, templates, audio trainings, cards, examples, guides, etc.) ($1997 value) Bonus #4: ONE V.I.P. ticket to a New Money Now Blueprint 3-Day Workshop! ($3500 value) And I know I’m protected by your “We Are in This Together” Guarantee. If I fully participate in all the processes and take the actions each process suggests, and still cannot create new—big or small—results (and I send you the completed course assignments, stating the new action taken, and the result produced), you will give you all my money back.
Which affordable payment option fits you best? 1 Payment of $997 or 3 Payments of $397 reach! Sign me up
Dr. Venus Sis, my prayer for you, more than anything, is to teach you how to identify, monetize, and leverage the intrinsic value and inherit worth you NATURALLY bring to life in the market place. I want you to have the clarity, confidence, and freedom to make your own money on your own terms for a lifetime—free from the pain of the past you have inherited and lived. Peaceful prosperity is a natural fall out. Get started now. With all the love my heart can hold, Dr. Venus Opal Reese P.S. Like me, I know you want your life to matter, to make a difference…even to make God proud. I want to show you how to know yourself as a way-shower, a truth-teller, a light-bearer, or a beacon of hope and inspiration for others by standing for yourself. It’s time to learn how to get heard, make a difference to the people you have been uniquely crafted by life to serve, and over time, make millions. Click here to Register.